Goosnargh Oliverson's Primary School

Goosnargh Oliverson's Church of England Primary School



Please read with your child for at least 15 minutes a day. Please discuss your child’s book with them to help them to understand what they have read; comprehension is a key skill alongside fluency.  

If you love reading as much as we do, then you may get through quite a few! Here are a few websites recommending more great books to read in Year 1.


Number formation

During the first few weeks, one of the things we are going to focus on is number formation. Can you practise at home? Make sure your child starts at the top of the number like it is shown on this sheet. 

number formation.pdf



By the end of year one, children should be able to confident spelling these common exception words. Please practise them at home a little and often.

 the   you    love 
 a  your  come
 do they  some 
 to be  one 
 today he  once 
 of she  ask 
 said we  friend 
says no school
are go put
were so push
was by pull
is my full
his here house
has there our
I where


Handwriting at home

You can support your child's handwriting development by regularly practicing letter formation at home. We use a cursive join in Year 1 and place importance on correct pencil grip. The website below can be used to model correct formation as well as having downloadable worksheets for home practice; it compliments the way we teach handwriting in school. Please select the tab that models 'Continuous Cursive.'