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Welcome to Reception!

Mrs Atkinson happily welcomes you to Reception! We have an excellent team working in Reception with Mrs Massaro supporting in Reception each day and Mr Hoole teaching our PE.

In Reception, we love to learn through play, both in the indoors and outdoors classroom; please have a look at some of the wonderful things that we have been busy doing and learn more about our setting here at Goosnargh Oliverson’s.

See our 2021 welcome letter here: 

Reception Welcome Letter 2021

Our Curriculum

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

If you would like to know more, take a look at this document: Development Matters 2021


Each day your child will learn a new sound in their phonics groups; revising this sound at home is very important and helps your child to embed and remember it more easily.

We believe that it is really important that you model the sounds correctly to your child so that they don’t pick up on any bad habits. Follow this link for a really helpful audio guide of the pronunciations of the sounds.


Show-and-Tell happens daily in Reception; it is an excellent way for the children to learn from each other as well as develop their confidence and communication and language skills. Children can prepare their Show-and-Tell at home and it is always related to a topic or theme that we are looking at in class. Please refer to the Tapestry newsletter to see what our Show-and-Tell will be about this week.

Here is a reminder of our library/show and tell rota.


Reading with your child is one of the most valuable things you can do to support their education. We advise that you spend 20 minutes each night enjoying reading together; this might mean reading a book to your child as well as allowing them time to read as independently as possible. It is always really important to talk about new vocabulary you come across in a book and to ask your child questions about the story.

Tricky Words

Please practise reading and writing these tricky words. Tricky words are those that cannot be sounded out and must just be learnt from memory.

– the         – to         – I           – no       – go         – he
– she        – we        – me       – be        – was     – my
– you        – her       – they     – all       – are


Useful Websites

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