Goosnargh Oliverson's Primary School

Goosnargh Oliverson's Church of England Primary School

Our school Mission 

Together with God, we learn with joy, love and laughter. We
celebrate our uniqueness, equipping and empowering all to become
confident, valuable members of an ever-changing society.

Oliverson's school mission and our values are underpinned by learning from the Bible and from what Jesus taught us.  

Our Aims

In order to prepare children for living responsibly and successfully in society:

  • We aim, through our Mission Statement, to provide our children with an exciting and challenging broad based curriculum taught within Christian values.
  • We aim to foster a happy atmosphere which promotes a love of learning, mutual respect, tolerance and open-mindedness and which provides opportunities to develop co-operation, teamwork, trust and good relationships with others.
  • We believe that each child has different abilities and talents and we aim to recognise, value and develop them in order to build each child’s self esteem.
  • We strive to stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination by encouraging their ability to question, show initiative and be independent learners.
  • We recognise the crucial role of parents and openly encourage a close partnership between home and school.
  • We encourage children to take a pride in themselves, to learn how to be healthy and stay safe, to develop a happy disposition and adopt a measured approach towards life and decision-making.
  • We recognise the importance of good relationships with church, community and industry to deepen an understanding of the wider world.
  • We aim to affirm pupils’ own cultural heritage and develop a respect and understanding of cultures other than their own.