Goosnargh Oliverson's Primary School

Goosnargh Oliverson's Church of England Primary School

Our Christian Ethos

Our school mission is that

Together with God, we learn with joy, love and laughter. We celebrate our uniqueness, equipping and empowering all to become confident, valuable members of an ever changing society. 



Christian Worship lies at the heart of our school life. Prayer and worship are an integral part of the school day and the spirit of worship permeates other areas of our school life.

Prayer is encouraged in a variety of forms – personal individual prayer, group prayer and whole school prayer. We have prayer areas in each classroom and a book on our altar where members of the school can share their thoughts, reflections and prayers.

Active worship occurs in some form on every school day with members of the Fellside ministry leading an act of worship at least once a week. We have an active worship committee made up of members of each class, who help us to evaluate the impact of our acts of worship and shape our worship plans. All children are involved in planning and leading worship for their classes, and the children of each class prepare and lead the worship in St Mary’s Church at some time in the year, through our monthly parent and community service. In this, and in many other ways the school maintains its close links with the Parish Church. We attend church on the last Friday of each month and at least once every half term to share a Eucharist service. Parents and friends are most welcome to attend and participate in any acts of worship in church.


Our School Prayer

O Lord

Bless our school

That working together and playing together

We may learn to serve you

And to serve one another



Holy Week

For Holy Week, we had a morning in school where we journeyed through the events of Holy Week through various stations set up and led by the teachers around the school grounds. This was a truly reflective morning for all members of our school community and it was very powerful learning about the Easter Story in this way.