Goosnargh Oliverson's Primary School

Goosnargh Oliverson's Church of England Primary School

Keeping Safe

Learning about safety

The school actively supports the development of positive attitudes towards safety. This will be achieved through always allowing children to take calculated risks in their work and play at school.

We utilise the integration of appropriate themes and topics into the curriculum. Every effort is made to work in partnership with parents to encourage further safe practices. The Health and Safety Committee reports regularly to the Governing Body.

The school enjoys close links with the local community. Fire, police and health services regularly visit the school to talk about personal health and safety. Children are involved in local initiatives, e.g road safety competitions, life education bus. Trained members of staff are responsible for first aid and safety training.

Because of our day-to-day contact with children, our staff are particularly well-placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour or failure to develop. Parents should be aware, therefore, that where it appears that a child may have been abused or is failing to thrive school is legally required to report their concerns to Social services immediately.


Our children are growing up in a digital world which many of us may find alien. As parents, we want to keep them safe; we teach them how to cross the road, to swim and how to generally look after themselves every day. We do this through our own experiences and knowledge. Many of us, however, have not experienced a lifetime of new technology, nor have used this technology from a very young age.

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