Goosnargh Oliverson's Primary School

Goosnargh Oliverson's Church of England Primary School

Online Safety

In school, the children will learn about E-Safety, each and every year, learning about the following themes:

Internet Safety

Privacy and Security of Personal Information 

Search Result Safety

Advertisement Safety

Relationships and communication


Digital footprint and reputation

Self-image and identity

Information Literacy


Creative Credit and Copyright


To view the rest of our Computing curriculum and where your child will be covering Online Safety, visit our Computing Curriculum page. 


You can also view our Online Safety Policy here. 


The internet provides a space for children and young people to communicate, explore, laugh and learn. There are lots of ways parents and carers can support them in doing these things safely.


 'Let's talk about life online' includes ten key messages that should be shared with children:

1. You can always come to me if you need help.

2. What would you do if this happened…?

3. Remember that not everyone is who they say they are online.

4. Keep your personal information safe, and other people’s too.

5. Be respectful to others online.

6. Think before you post.

7. Remember to ask if it’s okay.

8. Remember not everything is true online.

9. The things other people post online might not always show what their life is really like.

10. Recognise how going online makes you feel and take a break when you need to.


If you are having any other concerns about different apps or games that are not listed below, see if you can find some guidance on it here: 

A lot of our policies are underpinned by the NSPCC advice, so please also check here:


Here are some useful links to resources that will help your children to stay safe online in lots of the capacities that they will use the internet for.