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 The Phonics Screening Check is a short test that your child will take towards the end of Year 1. The check contains 40 words that your child reads aloud and contain real and pseudo-words (words that aren’t real). Some of the real words are less common than others, so may be new to your child. The pseudo-words are new to all children and allow them to demonstrate their phonic skills. At Goosnargh Oliverson's we call these words ‘alien’ words because in the test there is an alien picture next to them.

When presented with a word to read we have taught the children to ask the following questions:

1-Can we spot any digraphs, trigraphs or split digraphs? 

2-Have I found all of the digraphs, trigraphs or split digraphs? Check again.

3-Can I sound out and blend the sounds together to read the word? If there is no alien picture does this word make sense? Have I heard that word before?


Phase 4 blending

In class we have been trying really hard to blend words when reading. Have a go at reading these words.




Obb and Bob - interactive game

Here is an online game that your child can play at home to practise reading real and alien words. Please click on Phase 5 and select a sound that your child is less confident with.

Obb and Bob